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December 2018


Finally back online, YAY!!

Congratulations! If you are reading this entry it means you were able to successfully negotiate the university's recent webpage engine software upgrade.

Look for December entries in the upcoming days!


Today's Topic: Digital Cameras...

I'm thinking I may have a problem.

I was sipping tea (trà - pronounced "cha") today when I had a curious thought. "I wonder how many photos I've shot since I put my foot on the tarmac at Sân Bay Quốc Tế Nội Bài (Nội Bài International Airport). When I looked in my photos folder, I was shocked! 8396 digital images (125 GB)!!...Can I get a "Holy Moly, Amen!"? I blame the camera.

In the day, back when we had to buy film, one was cautious not to waste one of the precious 36 shots you had on a role of Kodak ISO 100 slide film - 38-39 shots if you cheated the film and threaded only the first three holes of the roll on the take up spool. You old folks know what I'm talking about. Now I'm going to go out on a limb here and say of these 8300+ images, if I use Adobe Lightroom, I'll bet I end up with a handful of dynamite shots. I miss the surprise factor I used to get when I shot film with my old AE-1 35mm Canon with the 200 mm zoom and the stock 50mm f1.8lLens...sigh. I think when I return stateside, I'll resurrect the old girl. Maybe even begin developing my own film again?

Bonus round: I just got back from a three day trip to Da Lat in the central highlands. Flew Vietnam Airlines. I sat in economy class, row 39 and I just want to say... Wake up Delta Airlines!! I had 8" of space between my knees and the seat in front of me!! AND...the seat width rivaled anything I've seen in first class on US domestic flights. I highly recommend that if you ever come to Việt Nam you fly Vietnam Airlines. That said, airports in Việt Nam are very different than the states. You deplane (and load) the airplane just like the POTUS...up or down a set of [covered] steps and onto the tarmac - one at the front of the plane and one at the back of the plane for deplaning - none of this silly waiting for the sheeple in the expensive seats to deplane first. When you load the plane there is only one set of steps at the front of the plane. When you deplane you either hoof it to the airport building or take a shuttle bus with 5 seats on either end and empty space in between (with those hang-ey down handles to hold on to while the driver plays Nascar driver).   

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