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August 2018



What an eventful week! I moved out of my hotel and into a 4-story house in the Dong Da District, attended a three day workshop, and ate many new foods !  I attended the Sixth Conference on School Psychology: “The Role of School Psychology in Promoting Well-being of Students and Families", which was co-sponsored by the Consortium to Advance School Psychology - International (CASP-I) and the Hanoi National University of Education. I met wonderful new (and a few old) colleagues at the conference and I also presented a mini-skills workshop titled: "Traumatic Brain Injury: The clinical interview."

The conference was attended by 300+ school psychologists, university students, psychologists, and principals. Check out the photos below for "details.


Every Picture Tells A story

Some of my thoughts for your consideration (p. 1)  (p. 2) (p.3), (p.4)