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Jon Lasser, Ph.D., Regents' Professor

Jon Lasser
Program: School Psychology
Phone: (512) 245-3413
Fax: (512) 245-8872
Office: ED 4036

Ph.D. School Psychology, University of Texas, 1999
M.S.Ed. Sexuality Education, University of Pennsylvania, 1994
BA Plan II Honors Program, University of Texas, 1993

Research Interests:
Dr. Lasser has a wide range of scholarly interests and has developed a record of publication that reflects his diverse research agenda. He has cultivated a body of work that is unified by themes of ethics and social justice with applications for professional practice. 

Tech Generation Raising Balanced Kids in a Hyper-Connected World

Tech Generation  Raising Balanced Kids in a Hyper-Connected World cover

My book with Dr. Mike Brooks, Tech Generation. Raising Balanced Kids in a Hyper-Connected World, was published by Oxford University Press Academic Publishing, the book:

  • Offers a compelling, practical, and balanced approach to technology use that will resonate with parents
  • Presents a model for technology use that is grounded in research on effective parenting and the effects of technology
  • Explains how and why our screens create an almost irresistible pull on our attention
  • Highlights the benefits of technology, as well as how to minimize its negative effects


  • N2020 book cover

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    Jones, T., & Lasser, J. (2017). School Psychology with Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Questioning (GLBTIQ) Youth. In M. Thielking & M. Terjesen (Eds,) (Eds.), Handbook of Australian School Psychology.

    Lasser, J. S. (2021). What Boys Do. Washington, DC: Magination Press (American Psychological Association).

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    Chen, F., Shatila, A., Lasser, J. S., & Beck, B. (2021). Psychoeducational Assessment of Transgender/Gender-Nonconforming Students. Journal of Applied School Psychology. Published.

    Song, C., Buysse, A., Zhang, W., Lasser, J. S., & Dewaele, A. (2021). Sex differences in the romantic relationships of same-sex couples: The role of visibility management. Sex Roles. Published.

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    Lecheler, M., Lasser, J. S., Vaughan, P. W., Jesi, L., Kirstina, O., & Michelle, B. (2020). A Matter of Perspective: Theory of Mind Autism Intervention for Adolescents. International Journal of Developmental Disabilties. Published.

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    Dennison, A., Lasser, J. S., Madres, D. A., & Lerma, Y. (2020). Understanding Families Who Choose to Homeschool: Agency in Context. School Psychology, 35(1), 20–27. families who homeschool final-1.pdf

    Van Overschelde, J. P., & Lasser, J. S. (2019). School Psychology Workforce Trends: Recommendations for Graduate Preparation and Policy. Contemporary School Psychology. Published.

  • Graduate:

    Texas State University

    • Child and Adolescent Psychopathology: Advanced Assessment and Intervention (SPSY 5379)
    • Ethics, Standards, and Procedures in Professional Psychology (SPSY 5385)
    • Consultation and Professional Issues in School Psychology (SPSY 5386)
    • Alternative Evaluation, Intervention, and Student Outcomes (SPSY 5398)
    • Practicum in School Psychology (SPSY 5389)
    • Standardized Testing (COUN 5305)
    • Individual and Group Counseling Techniques in School Psychology (SPSY 5380)
    • Psychological Assessment I (EDP 5376)
    • Interviewing, Counseling, and Consulting in School Psychology (SPSY 5300)
    • Internship in School Psychology  (SPSY 6301/6302)
    • Social, Emotional, & Behavioral Assessment (SPSY 5377)
    • Independent Study (ED 7378)


    Texas State University

    • University Seminar (US 1100)
    • Research Ethics (HON 3397Y)
    • Honors Capstone Development (HON 4390!)

    Austin Community College

    • Introduction to Psychology (PSY 2301)
    • Human Sexuality (PSY 2306)
    • University Distinguished and Regents' Professor, School Psychology
    • Center for Diversity and Gender Studies Advisory Council
    • Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Work Group: Faculty & Staff Morale Work Group.
    • Division Administrator, Qualtrics Team