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Anticipated Program Costs

This webpage will provide you with information about anticipated costs related to enrollment in the Professional Counseling Program.

Costs include those associated with the initial application, costs while in the program, and costs related to the post-graduate licensure process.

Additional Fees to consider

♦ Parking on Campus   Explore Parking Permit Costs


♦ Textbooks   Cost varies.  University Bookstore


♦ Liability Insurance 

Students must maintain professional liability insurance when they start to work with clients, and throughout the Clinical sequence (Intermediate Methods, Clinical Practicum, and all Internship semesters through graduation). Cost can range from $70 to $105 for student association memberships, which often includes professional liability insurance for students. Faculty will discuss this insurance with students in classes.


♦ Comprehensive Exam (CPCE)

Texas State University requires the completion of a comprehensive examination for graduate degrees. All COUN students must take and pass the CPCE prior to moving forward to the Clinical Practicum course. See our CPCE webpage for cost and more detailed information.

Fees related to Post-Graduate Licensure


Post-graduate licensure as an LPC Associate and/or LMFT Associate requires additional applications through the Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council (BHEC).


See the BHEC adopted chart of fees provided within the BHEC administrative rules online. Here you will find the state-adopted fees for the following:

⇒ LPC Associate Application

⇒ Licensed Professional Counselor Jurisprudence Exam

⇒ LMFT Associate Application

⇒ Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists Jurisprudence Exam

Texas Administrative Code    RULE §885.1       Executive Council Fees

Once in the website, click on 'Attached Graphic'


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Licensure examinations are also determined by state licensing regulations. See the following websites for each of the required examinations and their fees:


⇒ Examination for the LPC Associate Application  

Texas State COUN students are eligible to take the NCE prior to graduation. See our NCE webpage for cost and more detailed information. (Requires NetID log-in)

For those applying through the state:  NCE/NCMHCE Examination 


⇒ Examination for the LMFT Associate Application

MFT National Examination