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Duncan Waite, Ph.D.

Leadership in Education Journal

Educational Leadership
Area of Focus/Research
Educational Leadership, Instructional Supervision, Qualitative Research, Action Research, Anthropology and Education, The Postmodern
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ASBS 328
  • B.A., University of Michigan
    M.A., University of Oregon
    Ph.D., University of Orgeon

  • Click here for copies of many of the below listed publications.

    2014. “Imperial Hubris:  The Dark Heart of Leadership.” Journal of School Leadership, 24(6), 1202-1232.

    2014.  “Teaching the Unteachable: Some Issues of Qualitative Research Pedagogy.” Qualitative Inquiry, 20(3), 267-281.                                         

    2013. “Thinking about School Improvement.” Education and Society, 31(1), 7-16.

    2011.  “Universities and Their Faculties as ‘Merchants of Light’: Contemplation on Today’s University.” Education and Society, 29, 5-19.

    2011. “A Simple Card Trick: Teaching Qualitative Data Analysis Using a Deck of Playing Cards.” Qualitative Inquiry, 17(10), 982-985. (Chosen Methodspace [Sage] Journal Article of the Month for February 2012.)

    2010. “Preparing Educational Leaders to Serve a Democratic Society.” Scholar-Practitioner Quarterly, 4(4), 367-370.

    2010. Waite, D. & Waite, S. F. “Corporatism and its Corruption of Democracy and Education.”  Journal of Education and Humanities, 1(2), 86-106.

    2010. “On the Shortcomings of our Organizational Forms:  With Implications for Educational Change and School Improvement.” School Leadership and Management, 30(3), 225-248.

    2003. Waite, D., & Allen, D. “Corruption and Abuse of Power in Educational Administration.” The Urban Review, 35(4), 281-296.

    2002. “‘The Paradigm Wars’ in Educational Administration: An Attempt at Transcendence.” International Studies in Educational Administration, 30(1), 66-81.

    2001. Waite, D., Boone, M., & McGhee, M. “A Critical Sociocultural View of Accountability.” Journal of School Leadership, 11, 182-203.

    2000. “Identity, Authority, and the Heart of Supervision.” International Journal of Educational Reform, 9(4), 282-291.

  • EDA 6342
    EDA 6352
    EDA 6358
    EDA 6348
    ED 7331 Foundations of School Improvement (doctoral)
    ED 7354 Intermediate Qualitative Design and Analysis (doctoral)

  • Qualitative Program Evaluation
    Supervision of Instruction
    Teacher Research
    Organizational Analysis