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  • Most of the time when you find a course has any type of restriction; all it needs is an override.
     Students requesting an override on a restriction for registration to a certain class must completely fill out the following form.  You must submit one request for each course.
    Please be sure to include your TxState ID (A#), not to be confused with you Net ID, and fill out all sections of the form completely, so it does not delay your request. Course number should be complete. (full course number; Example: (CRN) number before course number - (SUBJ) -ADED 7364 –(SEC) 001 or 002 double check please).
    You will be notified by email when your request has been completed and you are free to register.
    You may always find your needed courses in CatsWeb/Course Offerings/Select Term/Select Program (Adult Education (ADED) or Education (for ED courses)/Course Number (7325)/Class Search.
    If you still run into problems to register, Ms. Shearer can help you. Just make sure to follow the directions above first.
  • Students are responsible for knowing their degree requirements to ensure they are taking the correct courses. View requirements and your progress towards fulfilling them on your degree audit report.

    1. Go to the Texas State homepage and click on CatsWeb.
    2. Click on Students.
    3. Click on Texas State Self-Service.
    4. Log in with your Texas State NetID and Password.
    5. Click on Student.
    6. Click on Degree Audit.  The Worksheets tab shows your Degree Audit.

    Consult with your advisor before registering for classes.

  • You may contact all of your professors through email, by phone, and by appointment.  Syllabi will list your professor's office hours. 

    Professor's Info

    Clarena Larrotta 512-245-6288
    Joellen Coryell  512-245-1856
    Jovita Ross-Gordon 512-245-8084
    Ann Brooks 512-245-1936
    Robert Reardon 512-245-3755

    Postdoctoral Fellow Info

    Mattyna Stephens 512-245-2531


  • Texas State has legal advice for you through the Attorney for Students.  It is FREE! 

    Legal advising, counseling and education


  • Visit The Writing Center.