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04.02.11 Performance Evaluation of Per Course Non-Continuing Faculty

Performance Evaluation of Per Course Non-Continuing Faculty


Counseling, Leadership,
Adult Education,
and School Psychology

CLAS/PPS No. 04.02.11
Effective Date: April 25, 2018
Review Date: Fall 2021


1.01 All non-continuing non-tenure line faculty will be evaluated at least once annually by the department. Non-continuing faculty includes per course faculty. The evaluation covers the annual period of appointment and must be conducted before a re-appointment decision is considered.

1.02 The purposes of an annual per-course faculty evaluation are to: 1) provide for self-development by identifying, reinforcing, and sharing the strengths of both faculty as individuals and the department as a whole; 2) extend opportunities for continuous professional development; and 3) identify and strengthen the role of per-course faculty members within their respective programs, the department and the university. The annual evaluation of per-course faculty is used in decisions regarding the retention of per-course faculty.

1.03 The department values the expertise and professional experiences of the per course faculty, who are integral to the success of its academic programs. The department also values high quality teaching for all faculty. Teaching activities are understood to include classroom instructional performance, class preparation and organization, development of syllabi and other course materials, assessment, grading and feedback, alignment with the academic program curriculum and standards, professional interactions with students, and staying current in the discipline.

1.04 This evaluation of faculty is the responsibility of faculty governance; a duty shared by the department chair and the department personnel committee.

  1. For the personnel committee, the review will ordinarily be conducted by the program coordinator, or a member of the personnel committee designated by the program coordinator. In cases in which the program coordinator is not a member of the personnel committee (PC), the review will require concurrence by a PC member from the relevant program.

1.05 The annual departmental evaluation of per-course faculty is the direct source of decisions regarding the retention of per-course faculty. In evaluating performance, the program coordinator and department chair will consider primarily the per-course faculty member's contributions in the context of teaching. Per-course faculty who meet departmental expectations as determined by the annual evaluation will be eligible for reappointment.

  1. Per course faculty are hired for a specific semester into a non-continuing position. The maximum number of sections per course faculty can teach in a given semester is two sections.
  2. Reappointment decisions are also determined by available sections and department need. It is not uncommon that, in a given semester, an academic program will have more qualified per course faculty candidates (inclusive of those who have taught for the program in prior semesters) than it has positions available. Hiring recommendations for each semester are submitted by the program coordinator to the department chair.

1.06 A per-course faculty member's failure to meet departmental expectations will cause the department to consider whether reappointment is warranted. If the department determines that a per-course faculty member is not to be retained for performance reasons, appropriate notice will be given to the per-course faculty member. If the per-course faculty member is to be retained, the chair will provide the faculty member with specific written feedback and suggestions for improvement when applicable. Proposed suggestions will be developed and submitted to the chair by the academic program coordinator or their designee. In this case, the program coordinator or designee will also request to meet with the per course faculty member to review the suggestions.


02.01 Program coordinators, or their designee from the personnel committee, will evaluate per course faculty once per academic year, using the CLAS department Form for Per Course Faculty Evaluation. Evaluations for the summer, fall, and spring semesters are due to the chair by June 15, though they may be completed earlier in the year for per course faculty who are expected to teach only one or two semesters per year. The evaluation comments summarize strengths, concerns, and/or suggestions for improvement. The evaluation will include a recommendation from the program coordinator (or designee from the personnel committee) regarding whether the per course faculty member could be rehired for suitable courses in the future.

02.02 Sources of evidence for the review will include:

a. Student feedback forms for each section taught in the year;

b. Peer observation of teaching by full-time faculty with at least one year of experience. A minimum of two observations for the per course faculty member will be conducted within their first two years of teaching. Observation formats will be compatible with various teaching formats (i.e., hybrid, online, face-to-face). Programs may require additional observations at any time, either as a follow up for individual faculty or as a standard program practice.

c. At the discretion of the program, other optional evidence may be considered, including examples such as:

  • Input from mentoring faculty and/or the program coordinator;
  • A reflective self-statement from the per course faculty member;
  • Syllabi for sections taught in the year.
  • Note: If a peer observation of teaching was not conducted in the evaluation year, syllabi and/or a reflective self-statement must be reviewed as part of the evaluation.

02.03 Using the same department form and guidelines above (2.01 and 2.02), the department chair will likewise complete an evaluation of the per course faculty member that also addresses possible rehire. Ordinarily, the chair’s review will be completed by August 1.

02.04 The department chair will provide the per course faculty member with a copy of the written evaluation, which will also be retained in the department records. It will be considered when determining future hiring.

a. The per course faculty member will acknowledge receipt of the evaluation by returning a signed copy to the department chair,

b. The per course faculty member may meet with the program coordinator or designee as needed to discuss possibilities for improvement. The program coordinator and/or chair may require a follow up meeting if desired.


03.01 This statement was approved by the Personnel Committee and Chair on April 25, 2018.