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04.02.20b Addendum to Tenure and Promotion: Virtual Meetings

Addendum to TENURE AND PROMOTION POLICY: PC Virtual Meetings


Counseling, Leadership,
Adult Education,
and School Psychology

CLAS/PPS No. 04.02.20b
Effective Date: September 2020
Review Date: Fall 2021


This PPS addendum permits members of the CLAS Personnel Committee (PC) to conduct the tasks and responsibilities outlined in the department’s PPS for Promotion/Tenure/Reappointment of Faculty using virtual attendance to meetings and virtual voting. In unusual circumstances (e.g., COVID-19), faculty members will have the option to conduct/attend PC meetings virtually. Members of the PC must be present in the meeting, either in person or virtually, to be eligible to vote. The voting will be anonymous and conducted through Qualtrics. The Qualtrics link for each case will be provided by the Chair during the meeting, and voting must be completed before the meeting is adjourned.