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Faculty/Staff Directory

Student Affairs ED Suite 4041 512.245.7628
Paige Haber-Curran, Program Coordinator & Associate Professor ED 4041 5-7628
Shannon Dean, Associate Professor ED 4042 5-5868
Stan Carpenter, Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Quantitative Research Methodologist Office Phone
Larry R. Price, Professor ASBS 325 5-9654
Department Chair Office Phone
Kevin Fall, Chair & Professor ED 4030 5-3083
Staff Office Phone
Jasmine Prince - Chair, Faculty Records Employment, Graduate/Doctoral Student Records Employment and Budget ED 4037 5-3083
Courtney Graham - Professional Counseling Student Affairs in Higher Education, Student Worker Schedules Hiring, Course Feedback Process ED 4012 5-2579
Jacqueline Todd - Education and Community Leadership PhD-School Improvement, Graduate Student Travel Funding ASBS 306 5-9909
Kassi Redwine - Adult Education, PhD-Adult, Professional Community Education and School Psychology ASBS 306 5-2531
Romy Morin - Technology Support Specialist, Information Technology Support, Training Consultation; Department Web Site ED 4034 5-7725