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Internship Site Application

Internship Site Info

Thank you for your interest in applying to become a TXST Internship Site for the Professional Counseling Program. This form asks for information about your site so that we can help students find Practicum and Internship sites that are the best fit for them. Please take time to describe your site and let us know more about how our interns can support your mission.

To clarify the experiences our students could be seeking:

Practicum: Students co-facilitate groups with a licensed co-facilitator at their site, for a total of 20 group hours in the semester. 

Internship: Students earn 300 hours each semester, of which, 120 hours are direct client counseling hours (a majority of hours individual counseling but can also include group counseling - does not have to be co-facilitated).

Site Classification *
This site type can be discussed with Clinical Director.
Clients served at this site: *
Check all that apply
Ages 3-10
Ages 11-17
Ages 18-64
Ages 65+
General counseling services provided at this site: *
Check all that apply
Specialized services provided at this site: *
Check all that apply
Describe below
Preferred theoretical approaches used at this site:
Describe below
Semesters you can provide a client caseload and weekly individual supervision to an intern: *
Check all that apply
Preferred length of intern commitment: *
Number of interns you will hire
Include training hours (e.g., two-day training, 20-hour training)
(e.g., participation in camps, volunteer events, etc.)

CACREP Requirements
In order for our program to meet CACREP requirements, we need to know if your site can meet the following internship requirements.
Offer 300 clock hours of supervised experience (direct counseling and indirect work) each semester *
Provide a minimum of 120 direct client counseling hours each semester *
(About 10-12 clients or direct hours per week)
Provide weekly one-hour individual supervision and be present at the site when the intern is on site *
Allow video and/or audio recording of intern (with client approval) for site and TXST university supervisors to evaluate intern skills *
This requirement can be discussed with Clinical Director.
Offer opportunity for intern to participate in all aspects of work a counselor performs at this site (e.g., individual counseling and group counseling sessions, intakes, clinical staffings, documentation, site events) *

We appreciate you taking the time to complete this internship site application! If you have any questions, please reach out to our Clinical Director, Dr. Tracy Chiles at