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CT Service Request Form

High-Resolution Computed Tomography and Digital Radiography Imaging Service

As part of our mission FACTS can provide researchers with quality high-resolution digital radiography and computed tomography imaging. Interested researchers should complete the CT/Digital Radiography Research Request Form below. We ask that you submit the form at least one month before the anticipated scanning date. 

Charges: $115/hour for academic work; $275/hour for commercial work

When estimating the costs be cognizant that the hourly rate applies to mounting the specimen(s), calibrating and optimizing the scanner, image data acquisition, and image processing. Additional costs will be applied for transferring data and long-term archiving of the data and images. Cost may be paid by purchase order, check, or credit card. Payment must be received before the data and images are released to the researcher.

Proof-of-Principle Scans: FACTS may provide a limited number of free scans (typically less than one hour of set-up and scanning) as proof-of-principle to justify or aid in obtaining funding for a complete study. The FACTS Director will serve as a subcontractor on grants.

Are you a student? *
Purpose of study (select all the apply) *
Will you be using the Texas State University Donated Skeletal Collection? *
I agree to the following:

I will follow proper handling procedures of the skeletal collection.

FACTS retains the right to archive and disseminate the data and processed images scanned at the academic rate.

I will provide FACTS with a copy of all manuscripts associated with the research.

I will acknowledge FACTS in all publications using data collected at Texas State University.