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Skeletal Collection Research Request Form


Please complete this form by addressing all the questions. You may attach a grant, dissertation, or thesis proposal (supplementary information) but all fields must be completed. Students should include a letter from his/her advisor that evaluates your ability to conduct the proposed research. Once the request form is completed please click the submit button. You will receive a confirmation email.

Are you a student? (if yes please attach letter from advisor) *
Purpose of study (select all the apply) *
Do you need to use FACTS equipment (calipers etc.) for your data collection? *
Do you have funding for the project? *
Does your research protocol require destructive analyses? *

By submitting this form I agree to the following:

1. The information provided is true and accurate

2. I will follow proper safety and handling procedures of the skeletal collection and wear proper personal protective equipment.

3. If my research involves destructive analysis I will proved funds to document the samples that will be destroyed.

2. I will provide FACTS with a copy of any images (photographs, radiographs, and others) taken.

3. I will provide FACTS with a copy of all measurements and other data collected from the donated skeletons.

4. I will provide FACTS with a copy of all manuscripts associated with research involving the Texas State University Donated Skeletal Collection.

5. I will acknowledge FACTS in all publications using data collected at Texas State.