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Affiliated Faculty/Researchers

Dr. Michael Ben Alexander
Texas A&M University, Department of Biology
FACTS K9 training coordinator

Dr. Clara Alfsdotter
Bohuslans Museum, Department of Archaeology, Museigatan 1, Uddevalla, Sweden

Dr. Adrienne Brundage, DABFE
Texas A&M University, Department of Entomology
Instructor for FACTS Forensic Entomology and Taphonomy Course

Dr. James Fancher, DDS, MA, PhD
Consulting Forensic Odontologist, Texas State University, Operation Identification

Dr. Meri Gonashvili, M.D., MSc. 
Lecturer, Tbilisi State Medical University 
President, Georgian Association of Forensic Anthropology (GAFA) 
Director, Georgian Recovery, Documentation, and Identification Project (GRDIP)

Trampas Gooding, Ranger
Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Rangers

Dr. Hayley L. Mickleburgh   
VINNOVA Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Cultural Sciences, Linnaeus University, Sweden

Karen T. Taylor
Forensic Artist, Facial Images, Austin, TX 
Instructor of FACTS Forensic Art Courses

Dr. Jeffery Tomberlin, DABFE
Texas A&M University