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Undergraduate and Graduate students enrolled in the Department of Anthropology at Texas State University will be exposed to a wide variety of coursework and labs.  For a sampling of the classes, lectures, and seminars offered within our program, visit the Anthropology Department website.

Master's Degree Program in Forensic Anthropology

Be a Bobcat - Lauren Meckel talks about being a student at Texas State University

Students working toward a master’s degree in anthropology at Texas State can specialize in forensic anthropology. The two-year program is fast-paced and well suited for students interested in continuing their education at the doctoral level. FACTS offers students hands-on experience with active forensic anthropology casework, providing practical exposure to field searches, crime scene evaluation, evidence collection techniques, excavation and recovery methods, laboratory analysis of human remains and technical writing of case reports. For a list of required and elective courses for graduate students see the Department of Anthropology website. For a list of required course for students focusing on forensic anthropology, visit our Graduate Courses page. For a complete list of graduate level courses offered in the Department of Anthropology please visit the Graduate College website.

If you have additional questions, please see the the Frequently Asked Questions tab for more information about our program and people to contact.