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New Employee Stormwater Awareness

Old Main at Texas State University on a blue sky day

Welcome to Texas State University!

Stormwater Awareness

The San Marcos River is a beautiful, spring-fed oasis in the heart of Central Texas, known to many as a great place to swim, fish, or tube. Did you know that when it rains, different types of pollutants on our streets and parking lots can be collected by stormwater runoff? This runoff flows directly to our creeks, rivers, lakes, and oceans, untreated and unfiltered.  Please help us preserve this natural resource by doing your part to prevent stormwater pollution!

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Keep Texas Waterways Clean!

Report any signs of discolored water, paint, oil, or soap flowing into storm drains or the San Marcos River. These unauthorized discharges to the storm drain system are called illicit discharges, which have the potential to impact water quality. Thank you for helping to keep our waterways clean!

Contact Information

For more information on stormwater awareness, contact Stormwater Management Program.

How Can You Help?

Stormwater runoff can affect the quality of the water we drink and use for recreation, as well as impact the endangered species of aquatic wildlife in San Marcos River. Whether you're a car-lover or a homeowner, you can play an important role in preventing stormwater runoff pollution. Protecting our water quality is a job for everyone - students, staff, faculty, San Marcos residents, and business owners.

Don't be a Litterbug!

Properly dispose of all trash and recycling. Cigarette butts are NOT biodegradable! Remember: Don't mess with Texas!

trash can

Care for your Car!

Check your vehicle regularly for drips and leaks. Pollutants such as oil, antifreeze, and brake fluid can negatively impact water quality.


Stop and Scoop!

Always scoop your pet's poop! Dog poop contains bacteria and parasites and, if not picked up, can be harmful to swimmers and wildlife.

dog waste