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TXST is a home away from home for many of the students that attend the university. MY TXST MY HOME: A Cleaner Campus Starts Here was created to foster a sense of pride and ownership among the students of TXST. As TXST Bobcats, it is each of our responsibility to show our care and pride for our campus. We can each do this by ensuring our trash goes in the trash or recycling bin and picking up litter we find around campus. Taking care or our campus and community starts here.  

Student places trash in a trash can found along the Bobcat Trail

Use a Trash Can!

There are trash cans all around campus for the convenience of the campus community. Make sure to always place your trash in either a trash can or recycling bin.

A Lasting Impact

When you make a decision to litter, you are deciding to create a negativeLogo for the MY TXST MY HOME campaign features yellow circle with a graphic of Old Main the middle. Inside Old Main there is a yellow star with river running up to the star. On the left side of Old Main are the words MY TXST and on the right side are the words MY HOME, with the O being created by the shape of Texas. At the bottom of the circle are the words A Cleaner Campus Starts Here. impact for years to come. Litter can take decades or even centuries to degrade, leaving plenty of time for it to impact our health and community. As Bobcats who call TXST home, it is all of our jobs to take care of our community and show our pride for TXST. Learning to take care of our community and home is a life time lesson that one should carry with them everywhere they go. A Cleaner Campus Starts Here, Bobcats! 

Why Should You Avoid Littering? 

By refraining from littering, you can help TXST: 

  • Show Bobcat Pride
  • Foster a healthy campus
  • Keep campus beautiful to encourage new students to join the Bobcat community
  • Protect the sensitive environment TXST resides in and is surrounded by

By placing your trash in the correct place (the trash can), you are already creating a positive impact for our community. Why not take it a step further and pick up litter that you see while walking around campus? One piece of trash goes a long way! 

Get Involved!

The best way to join the campaign is to refrain from littering! If you want to go a step further, participate in clean ups around campus. Whether you would like to participate in an organized clean up or prefer to host your own, everyone can do their part to keep TXST Litter Free. 

If your require accommodations due to a disability in order to participate, please contact 512-245-3616 or at least 72 hours in advance of the event. 

Remember, you do not have to be in a clean up to pick up litter. Challenge yourself to pick up a piece of litter on the way to class or work!


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