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Glitter is Litter

Thank you to the Office of University Marketing for developing the images and videos for the #LitterFreeTXST Anti-Confetti Campaign.

Infographic showing a picture of confetti in a storm drain and a picture of the San Marcos River. Infographic states "It it's in the storm drains, it's in our waterways."

Confetti and Glitter are Litter

"Confetti toss" poses are a very popular choice when taking graduation photos, but did you know that these tiny bits of plastic can be washed into storm drains and into the San Marcos River?

  • All storm drains lead to the river - if it's on the ground, it's in our waterways!
  • Metallic confetti contains microplastics that are harmful to our water bodies. 
  • Confetti is shiny and can be mistaken as food by turtles, fish, and other animals.
  • Throwing confetti and leaving it behind is littering!

Environmentally Friendly Confetti Alternatives 

Please leave the confetti at home and choose alternative methods instead: 

Image showing flower petals (dried or fresh), leaves, seeds from a dandelion, or bubbles as alternatives to confetti.

Flower petals, leaves, seeds, and bubbles are all great confetti alternatives that can be used in an environmentally conscious way. Not only do the alternatives refrain from contributing to litter, but they also give your photos a unique look.

Note: Biodegradable confetti can still harm the environment!

Still looking for the look of confetti? Well, you can get the look of confetti without the litter. Follow the Photoshop tutorial below to learn how you can photoshop confetti into your photo. 

Thank you to Texas State student Irma Daniella Levrie for creating this tutorial!

Whether you choose to use photoshop or flower petals, these environmentally friendly options are less harmful to the environment and create a beautiful effect for your photos. Please remember to set a good example for your fellow Bobcats by keeping our waterways clean. Congratulations and Eat 'Em Up, Cats!