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City of San Marcos Partnerships

The City of San Marcos and Texas State University have partnered together on the public education, outreach and involvement component of the MS4 Permit to ensure that city residents and the campus community receive a similar stormwater message.


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What Goes Here Flows Here

The “What Goes Here Flows Here” campaign was developed in 2015 to symbolize this partnership while raising awareness about stormwater pollution. The objective of this public education program is to promote a clear identification and understanding of the issues associated with stormwater pollution and to promote community and university ownership. For more information on the city of San Marcos stormwater management program, visit

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what goes here flows here


Challenge SMTX

In fall 2014, Texas State University and the city of San Marcos partnered together to launch an anti-litter social media campaign, called #ChallengeSMTX. The campaign was designed to "challenge" all residents of San Marcos and staff, faculty and students of Texas State keep the San Marcos River clean, starting with picking up one piece of trash.

Participants are encouraged take a photo or video of themselves picking up a piece of trash and either throwing it away or recycling it. They would then post it on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #ChallengeSMTX and challenge their friends, families and coworkers to do the same. The campaign has been promoted through social media, volunteer events like the Annual Great Texas River Cleanup, and through a city-wide press release.

The programs involved in this initiative are the city of San Marcos and Texas State University MS4 programs, What Goes Here Flows Here, Keep San Marcos Beautiful and the Habitat Conservation Plan.

#ChallengeSMTX Public Service Announcement

Manhole Cover Art Contest 

As part of the MS4 Permit issued in 2013, the first official joint project between Texas State University and the city of San Marcos was a storm drain manhole cover art contest. City residents and employees, school children, and Texas State students, faculty and staff were all encouraged to submit artwork that displayed a respect of the river and an understanding that all storm drains lead to the nearest waterway. Check out the Meet Sally The Salamander page to learn more about the art contest and see who the winners were! 


Winning image used for the storm sewer manhole covers