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APS Bridge Partnership

Texas State is an APS (American Physical Society) Bridge Partnership Institution:

“Partnership Institutions are departments that have demonstrated that they will provide a supportive, bridge-like treatment of students.”


This designation allows APS to recommend us as a supportive program to interested students and to help us recruit talented students to our program.

Physics has one of the lowest participation of under-represented minorities even among STEM fields. The American Physical Society (APS) in "an effort to increase the number of physics PhDs awarded to underrepresented minority (URM) students, defined by the project as African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans" has established an initiative, the APS-Bridge program. Our department recently gained the status of a Bridge Partnership Institution which effectively means that APS recognizes that the Texas State Physics department has demonstrated a commitment to diversity in physics and provides a supportive environment to URM students through admission practices, mentoring activities and progress monitoring and recommends us to URM students participating in the APS-Bridge program. There are 22 such Physics departments in US: