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Director's Message

Message from the Director of the Graduate Program

The graduate program in Physics Physics offers a student-centered, supportive environment with established practices in mentoring and engaging students from diverse backgrounds and life experiences.

We have designed a flexible but rigorous curriculum with the understanding that the path to an advanced degree is also an opportunity for intellectual growth and professional development. We offer advanced physics coursework and cutting-edge, hands-on training in materials physics and nanotechnology integrated into relevant research projects.

State-of-the art nanofabrication and characterization facilities are used for the parallel purposes of research and advanced training and prepare students for careers in the local high-tech industry, science education, doctoral programs, or teaching.

Our students develop professional skills such as collaboration and teamwork, project organization, presentation and technical writing through coursework and research with individualized faculty attention and mentoring.

Nikoleta Theodoropoulou
Associate Professor & Director of Graduate Program
Department of Physics