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Chair's Message

Physics is concerned with all aspects of nature. This spans scales from the universe; star & planet formation to black holes, down to the subatomic; atom-atom interactions & constructing new constituent forms of matter.  Our dedicated faculty work closely with students to conduct research across this entire scale utilizing modern research facilities, both within the department and professionally staffed shared-user laboratories, as well as the James Webb Space Telescope, to provide hands-on training and meaningful experiences for our students.  This fundamental training, in the most core of the physical sciences, opens a wide range of career opportunities including industry, education, and for pursuing advanced degrees.  Our graduate students are involved in novel research while our undergraduates are strongly encouraged to explore research with our faculty. 

Want more information about majoring in physics?  I welcome you to start with the message from our Undergraduate Program Director.  Thinking about our graduate programs?  I encourage you to review our research opportunities.  You can start with our Graduate Degree Program page.

We also cordially invite prospective students to visit us!  Just contact the department office to set up an appointment!

Edwin L. Piner
Professor & Chair
Department of Physics