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TXST Physics Graduating Student Survey


The purpose of this survey is to collect contact information from graduating students so that the physics department can better communicate with you after you leave Texas State. We intend to contact you to find out how and whether you are using your physics degree, to send you the annual department newsletter, to invite you to contribute to alumni stories for the benefit of current students, and to find out generally how you are doing.

Responses to the survey will be solicited at the end of each semester, but you are invited to answer it on your own initiative.

If the phone number you entered is for a mobile phone, are you OK to receive texts at this number?
May we have your permission to use your answers to the previous two "bonus" questions, in whole or in part, for promotional materials about our programs? They would most likely appear in a section on student testimonials in a webpage within the physics department website, which is publicly available.

Thank you!

Thank you for completing our survey! We wish you success in your life beyond our program. Please stay connected with us!