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Water Refill Stations

Filling Water

On our beautiful Texas State campus, we have a lot to do. There are classes to attend, organizations to be apart of, and hills to climb. Yes, there is a lot of walking and with that Texas sun comes sweat.

This is why many students bring water bottles on campus and not just plastic throwaway bottles. Fellow bobcats saw that there needed to be water bottle refill stations around campus.

Karen Hollensbe, human resources representative, is one of these bobcats that went above what is expected of her over at JCK. She sent in a proposal to the ESC for a station to be made right next to the financial aid office.

Financial aid is an important factor in the majority of bobcat’s college experience. So many students come by this area. There are also 411 employees working in the building that use the now built station.

“They now wish there was one on every floor,” said Hollensbe. “People are making the trip to use it instead of bringing in cases of bottled water.”

Another station not too far away at the Honors College was made possible through Joseph Sikazwe, Student Government senator. The college posted paper next to the old water fountain asking students to add a checkmark if they would want a refill station.

“We have all this nature and all this preservation that we’ve managed to conserve,” said Sikazwe. “I really do feel like the longer we can do that the better off we will be.”

They each saw a need that no one was filling. Both Hollensbe and Sikazwe felt intimidated at first to take on these projects.

“I almost didn’t turn it in, because of the forms,” confessed Hollensbe. “ I reached out to Jonathan (Chair of ESC) who helped me through it.”

Projects always need more than one person to have them accomplished, but someone first has to take the initiative. To have an impact on a campus this large it is always nice to have facilities, a committee, and a helpful advisor.

“I’ll just look at the number and it said like 1,600 people have refilled water bottles and I think that’s something that’s pretty cool,” said Sikazwe.

Hollensbe and Sikazwe have made their mark on campus. What will you do?