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Bike Cave

The Bike Cave at Texas State opened in 2009 and has been educating students on bike maintenance ever since. Many see this service as a stepping-stone in Texas State’s history of students thinking outside of the box to help the environment (just like ESC).

Even though the students that started this great project are long gone they are still influencing bobcats today.  Alex Vogt, coordinator of alternative transportation, knows this influence first hand.

“I stumbled on to the bike cave my freshman year,” said Vogt. “ I went from the youngest employee and I stayed around long enough to be the one with the most experience.”

In this experience, Vogt has seen the bike cave change to reflect the university and student needs. One large part of the program is the recycling of bikes.

“There is a reclaiming aspect of taking something that is trash, fix it up and give someone the opportunity that they may not have had,” said Vogt

Many of the bikes have been able to give more than one student the opportunity to ride around campus in an efficient way.

“Sometimes you get the repeat customers,” said Vogt. “Where you fix up and sell then it is abandoned again. Then you fix it up and sell it again.”

The record is apparently three times.  As this project started under the ESC and has grown into its own corner of the university there is much to be appreciated on how the cave makes its mark on the students. How will you make yours?