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Blackland Pocket Prairie

May 2022 Blackland Pocket Prairie

San Marcos sits within a transitional boundary between two ecoregions, the Edwards Plateau and the Blackland Prairie. Because of this transitional zone we get to live within a diverse and geographically unique area filled with a wide range of both plant and animal species. Due to the dwindling size of the Blackland Prairie ecoregion and the transitional zone that our campus resides in, it is very important we restore and preserve these habitats by installing pocket prairies to mimic the native ecosystem. 

Water Refill Stations

On our beautiful Texas State campus, we have a lot to do. There are classes to attend, organizations to be apart of, and hills to climb. Yes, there is a lot of walking and with that Texas sun comes sweat. 

Meadows Center Signage

One of the most unique features of Texas State is Spring Lake. The community can never get enough, whether to take a dip into its offspring the San Marcos River or explore the environment under the surface. 

Campus Recreation LED Lighting

Last summer the rec center took on a new project: change out over 160 traditional light bulbs for LED bulbs. It seems simple and a little tedious, but was a huge step in an environmentally friendly direction. 

Bike Cave

The bike cave at Texas State opened in 2009 and has been educating students on bike maintenance ever since. 

Bird Nests

Campus wouldn’t be the first place to look when trying to get in touch with nature, but there are some parts that might do the trick on the route to class.