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Application to Request Funds

University students, faculty, staff, alumni or members of the San Marcos Community may apply for funding for a project, improvement or event. The Environmental Service Committee is to distribute funds collected from the Environmental Service Fee in order to provide funding for environmental improvements at the University through services such as environmental education, recycling, transportation, employment, product purchasing, distributing matching funds, planning/maintenance, beautification, and irrigation. The Environmental Service Committee, however, is not to use the revenue from the fee to reduce or replace other money allocated by the University for existing projects.

Applications will be considered and reviewed throughout the semester. Applications submitted later in the spring semester may be approved but funding may not be available until the following fiscal year (Sept. 1).

Status *
Has alternate funding been sought?

Acknowledgement of Accountability

Before the Committee approves an application, the applicant and sponsor shall
understand that:

  • They are responsible and accountable for the granted funds,
  • ESC is not responsible for the management of project funds, and
  • ESC may cease funding if these terms are not met or funding is misappropriated.

The awardees and/or sponsors will come to at least one meeting per semester to present information on the progress of the project, management of funds, and the remaining budget (if applicable).

Awardees will present a final report that will be held on file by the Committee. This document will contain photos of the project during and following its completion.

I acknowledge the above statement and agree to the listed terms. *