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Campus Recreation Lighting

Rec center interior

Last summer the rec center took on a new project: change out over 160 traditional light bulbs for LED bulbs. It seems simple and a little tedious, but was a huge step in an environmentally friendly direction.

Jonathan Hernandez, Assistant Director of Facilities at Campus Recreation, created a proposal to ask ESC for help with the project.

“At first I didn’t think they were going to go for this, but they did,” said Hernandez.

The ESC granted $13,000 to help change out light bulbs in the track, natatorium, exterior areas, and much more.

“It was just us catching up with everyone else really. It helps our students because big picture overall costs are going to be reduced,” said Hernandez.

Their plan is to put the money saved back into programs like Aquatics & Safety and Outdoor Recreation. Although they don’t know how much this amount saved will be, they estimate it at $20,000 annually.

This project has a safe side as it helps reduce the probability of a student staff getting hurt on a lift trying to replace a bulb because LED bulbs stay burning for an estimated 10 – 15 years. The bulbs will also be lighting up the exterior of the building to keep students safe walking back to their car at night.

Appearance is a factor in the project.

 “We have seen changes when we host events now,” said Hernandez. “Traditional lighting takes a while to warm up and cool down, while this new lighting is an instant turn on. That helps in a large event when you immediately need the lights on after a ceremony or a grand entrance.”

The new lighting also brings consistency with the building, because unlike traditional bulbs LED doesn’t change color as they burn out.

With the help of the ESC Jonathan Hernandez has been able to make his mark on the campus. How do you make yours?