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Meadows Center

Meadows Center

One of the most unique features of Texas State is Spring Lake. The community can never get enough, whether to take a dip into its offspring the San Marcos River or explore the environment under the surface.

Briane Willis, nature program specialist at the Meadows Center, wants to give us more to explore around this enriched area. There are many ideas swirling around in her head including storybook signs, sensory signage, and a play area.

Willis applied and was approved by the ESC for the storybook signs.

“I love that moment when they finish reading and they're experiencing the space,” said Willis.

These signs have been placed along the path that follows Spring Lake. What makes these “storybook” signs is the fact that the information of a sign’s subject is told in story form and has art pieces that go along with it.

“We tied in a lot of artists. The more we can offer the more activity we can see,” said Willis.

With 125,000 people every year from all over the world there is bound to be a lot of activity already.

The next phase is to make sensory signage. This will allow kids and kids at heart to feel objects, like insects, allowing people to interact more with the environment around them.  

Willis was able to bring the San Marcos community and the world a new side of Spring Lake for discovery with the help of ESC. What can you do?