Proctored Exam Service

TEMC provides a Proctored Exam Service for students enrolled in courses at other institutions who require someone to administer an exam. Texas State students may also use the service for makeup and early exams with prior approval of the instructor before scheduling with the Testing Lab. Please note that this is a paid service provided in-person at the facility site. Online proctoring is not available. See fee structure below.

Exams can only be administered during our testing lab hours. However, if your exam’s time limit is longer than two hours, you must adjust your test time accordingly. For example, if your exam has a time limit of three hours, you must begin your exam at least one hour earlier than the ending time of our posted Testing Lab Hours. So, a three hour exam must begin no later than 1:30pm (rather than 2:30pm). If your time limit exceeds the Testing Center closing time, or if you have no time limit, you will sign a Time Limit Waiver. TEMC is closed on the weekends, during Spring Break, Winter Break, and other university holidays and closures.

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  • Proctoring fees are based on the time limit of the exam as follows:

    • $40 flat fee per proctoring session up to 2 hours
    • $10 dollars each additional hour greater than 2 hours


    If U.S. mail delivery is required, the examinee should provide a pre-addressed postage-paid or pre-stamped envelope. If envelope and postage are not provided, a charge of $5 will be assessed.

    If overnight/express delivery is required, we recommend that the examinee provide a prepaid shipping form and envelope from UPS. A prepaid express shipment with any other courier will require a $10 fee. If examinee uses a prepaid courier option, examinee is responsible for maintaining tracking numbers and other related information.

    Note: TEMC cannot provide refunds for any fees or other payments beyond five business days from the date of payment.

  • Setting an appointment for a Proctored Exam will entail the following process:

    1. The examinee must complete the Student Information portion of the Proctoring Service Request Form. Examinee must provide a valid email address.

    2. The examinee must send the form to the instructor (or institution) who must complete the Exam Information and Instructor Information portions of the form. The instructor (or institution) must send the completed request form along with any other necessary information, including the actual exam, exam code, URLs, downloads, etc. to us via:

    Fax:        (512) 245-2903; or
    Mail:       TEMC, Commons Hall
                   Texas State University
                   601 University Dr.
                   San Marcos, TX 78666

    Note: These materials must be received by TEMC a minimum of five business days before the expected test date. Further, for internet-delivered tests requiring the installation of plug-ins, lockdown browsers, or any other additional software, all information must be submitted at least seven business days prior to the test date.

    3. When we have received the form and all necessary information, we will email the examinee to provide a link to a web page where an appointment can be requested.

    4. All requests must be submitted at least 2 business days prior to the appointment time.

    5. Within 1 business day, we will send the examinee an email to confirm an appointment time, or if we cannot approve any of the requested times, we will suggest alternate times.

    6. The confirmation email will include a calculation of all fees required and information about how those can be paid.

    7. Upon arriving in our testing lab for the appointment, the examinee will be required to present proof of payment of all necessary fees and a valid photo ID. Any examinee unable to present both of these will be denied access, and a new appointment will need to be set.

    8. If an appointment must be changed, the examinee must reply to the confirmation email. The Proctored Exam Appointment Process will be conducted entirely via internet and email. No appointments can be requested, changed, or confirmed by phone.

    9. If an examinee fails to give 1 business day notice of cancellation for two appointments, the examinee will no longer be able to take proctored exams at the Testing Center.

  • All examinees who require accommodations must complete an Accommodated Testing Request Form to test at our facility at least two weeks prior to the desired exam date. Requests will be processed within two business days. Please note our testing lab hours and available start times for the exam you wish to take when selecting your appointment time and make sure to take into account additional time you may need.