Language Proficiency Exams from Language Testing International (LTI)

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  • TEMC provides proctoring services for several language proficiency exams from Language Testing International (LTI) and are given at the Testing Lab located at Commons G14 in San Marcos or at the Testing Center at Avery 209 in Round Rock.

    The LTI exams listed on this page are intended for purposes other than language credit at TXST. For information about language proficiency exams available for credit at TXST, please visit our ACTFL page.

    LTI language proficiency exams assess one or more skills for listening, speaking, reading, and/or writing in the language tested. Most exams are conducted on a computer using a Windows 10 simulated keyboard for the language tested, but a paper exam is available for the WPT or BWT. The OPIc exam is conducted on a computer using AVATAR software. English proficiency exams will use the standard QWERTY physical keyboard. Depending on the exam, you may be using a headphone with microphone to listen and/or provide spoken responses. Languages available for each exam varies.

  • TEMC provides proctoring services for Business Writing Test (BWT); Listening & Reading-computer adaptive test (L&R cat); Listening Proficiency Test (LPT); Oral Proficiency Interview-computer (OPIc); Reading Proficiency Test (RPT); and Writing Proficiency Test (WPT).

    For more about each of these exams, please visit the Language Testing International website.

  • Please check with LTI about the current exam fee. The testing center charges an administration fee of $40 for exams with a time limit of 2 hours or less and $50 for exams with a time limit of 3 hours or less.

    Time limits for the LTI exams are:

    Business Writing Test (BWT)

    20 to 80 minutes

    Listening & Reading-computer adaptive test (L&R cat)

    50 to 105 minutes

    Listening Proficiency Test (LPT)

    50, 75 or 125 minutes depending if taking 2, 3, or 4-level exam

    Oral Proficiency Interview-computer (OPIc)

    20 to 40 minutes

    Reading Proficiency Test (RPT)

    50, 75 or 125 minutes depending if taking 2, 3, or 4-level exam

    Writing Proficiency Test (WPT)

    20 to 80 minutes

  • How to Make an Appointment

    • To take an LTI exam, please email TEMC at In your initial email, please provide your name, the exam you wish to take, the language in which you would like to test, date and time you prefer to test, and the purpose for your exam. You will be contacted with additional instructions.

      LTI testing is available in TEMC: Monday - Friday from 9:00 am - 2:30 pm.

      1. Determine which exam you wish to take.

        Visit the Language Testing International website to review and select which exam is appropriate for your needs.

      2. Email Testing Center, Round Rock (TCRR) for an appointment.

        Email TCRR at and include in your appointment request: your name, phone number, exam you wish to take, language to test, preferred date and time to test, and purpose for your exam.

        LTI testing is available at TCRR: Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. except during mid-terms and finals. Your appointment request must be made at least 2 weeks prior to the date you wish to test so that we may obtain your exam. Please visit our Operating Hours page to determine dates we are open for testing.

      3. Register and buy exam from LTI.

        You will need to know your confirmed appointment date and time prior to registering and paying for your exam. You must make payment for your exam at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment. LTI exam tickets are only good for two weeks from date of purchase. You must test within that time frame.

        To register and pay for your LTI exam, visit BUY A TEST. Login or register if this is your first time at this site. You will also use this account to retrieve your score report for your exam.

        If you need assistance with this process, please contact LTI at 800-486-8444, then press “0” for operator. Indicate you are an individual needing assistance registering for an exam. Or email

      4. Make administration payment for TCRR to proctor exam.

        Arrive a few minutes early for your appointment and make payment for the administration of your exam using our secure Market Place kiosk inside the Testing Center using your debit or credit card. For directions and separate parking fee information, please visit our TCRR Location page.