CONSTITUTION of the






The name of this organization shall be The Texas State Retired Faculty and Staff Association (hereinafter called the "Association").



Purpose and Objectives

Section 1: Purpose

The purpose of the Association is to maintain and promote connections between Texas State University and retirees, as well as between retirees.

Section 2: Objectives

  1. Represent retired faculty and staff regarding University benefits and other issues directly relevant to retirees.
  2. Promote communication between the University and retired faculty and staff.
  1. Maintain and enhance the continuing relationship between retired faculty and staff throughout the retirement years.
  2. Promote the participation of retired faculty and staff in University activities.
  3. Develop and organize activities and events of special interest to retirees.
  4. Identify and support scholarships, lectures, and other special events of the University.




Section 1: Active Membership

Membership will be open to all retired members of the Texas State faculty, administrative officers (unclassified) and staff, and spouses or partners of living and deceased Texas State retirees.

Section 2: Associate Membership

Retired faculty and staff members of other accredited colleges or universities may become Associate, non-voting members upon application to the Association.

Section 3: Continuation of Membership

Active or Associate Members shall remain members as long as they desire and remain in good standing.



Officers, Assistants, Standing, and Ad Hoc Committees

Section 1: Officers and Executive Committee

A. The officers of the Association shall consist of a president, a vice-president, a secretary, a treasurer, and an ombudsperson.  The officers are elected by a majority vote of those attending the annual spring meeting of the Association and take office on September 1.

1. Duties of the President

a. Preside at meetings.

b. Represent the Association.

c. Appoint committee members.

d. Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee.

e. Perform such other duties as ordinarily pertain to this office.

2.  Duties of the Vice-President

a. Preside in the absence of the President

b. Collect documents to archive and deliver to the University Archives each September.

c. Perform other such duties as to assist the President.

3. Duties of the Secretary

a. Record the minutes of all meetings.

b. Keep a file of the Association's records.

4. Duties of the Treasurer

a. Keep an itemized account of all receipts and expenditures and make reports as directed.

5. Duties of the Ombudsperson

a. Facilitate conflicts within the organization.

b. Facilitate communication with appropriate university entities.

B. Officers shall be elected for one-year terms and may be elected to serve for no more than three successive terms unless their election is approved by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of those voting at the Annual Meeting.

C. The officers, together with the past president, shall constitute the Executive Committee, which will have general oversight of the activities of the Association and shall transact its business in the intervals between meetings of the membership.

D. The Association's Advisory Board (hereinafter referred to as the "Board") shall be constituted of the Executive Committee, elected representatives, and standing committee chairpersons. The Board shall provide general guidance to the Executive Committee.

E. The Executive Committee shall meet at the call of the President, the Vice-President, or the Board.

F. The Association's activities are considered to be of benefit to Texas State University. Coordination of effort and staff liaison is provided through the office of the Vice President for University Advancement.  Duties of the University Liaison:

1. Maintain the Association's operating account under the direction of the Executive Committee and receive and process all Association funds.

2. Upon request of the Executive Committee and Board, issue notices of meetings and events to current RFSA members and retirees.

3. Update and maintain the RFSA website and social media with assistance from the website updating committee.

4. Serve as an advisor to the Executive Committee and Board with regard to University­ related issues.

5. Address other issues as they arise and are agreed upon by the Board and the Liaison.

Section 2: Assistants

A. The President, with the concurrence of the Executive Committee, may appoint other members of the Association to serve as assistants to the Secretary or Treasurer, and, if appointed, such persons shall have the title Assistant Secretary or Assistant Treasurer.

B. Such assistants shall serve during the term of the officer whom they are appointed to assist, and may succeed themselves.


Section 3: Standing and Ad Hoc Committees

Standing and ad hoc committees may be created by the Board as needed to meet new programmatic needs. The members of the standing and ad hoc committees (including the chairs) shall be appointed by the President with the concurrence of the Board. Chairs of standing committees shall serve as members of the Board.




Section 1: Annual Meetings

The annual meeting of the Association shall be held in April of each year, the time and place to be determined by the Board upon recommendation of the Annual Meeting Committee. 

Amendment:  If circumstances preclude it from being held in April, it must be held in the current fiscal year with at least two agenda items addressed:  approval of the previous year’s minutes and election of officers for the coming year.  (Amended November 10, 2021)

Section 2: Special Meetings

A special meeting may be called by the president, vice president, or the Board.

Section 3: Monthly Board Meetings

The Board shall hold regular meetings in the second week of each month.



Nominating Committee and Elections

Section 1: Nominating Committee

  1. Prior to the Association's annual meeting, the president, in consultation with the Board, shall appoint a nominating committee to provide nominees for vacancies resulting from term expirations or vacancies among the officers.
  2. One member of the nominating committee shall be a member of the Executive Committee and shall serve as chairperson of the nominating committee.

Section 2:  Elections

Nominees for office shall be presented for election at the annual meeting.  Additional nominations may be submitted from the floor.

Section 3: Officer Vacancy

In the event of a vacancy resulting from resignation or the inability of an elected officer to complete the term of office, the president, in consultation with the Board, shall appoint a replacement.



Budget, Finances, and Membership Dues

Section 1:  Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the organization will run from September 1-August 31 of each year.

Section 2: Annual Budget

Each year the Budget Committee will prepare an annual budget, including a designated amount for petty cash, for the Board's approval for the coming fiscal year that includes estimated revenue and expenses, including the amount of the scholarship(s) to be awarded.

Section 3: Deviations from the Approved Budget

Significant deviations from the approved budget must be submitted to the Board for approval.


Section 4: Membership Due

A. There are no dues established for membership in the Association.  Voluntary contributions, however, will be accepted throughout the year.

B. The Association's Executive Committee, in consultation with the Board, may determine that annual membership dues are required to achieve the purposes and objectives of the Association.

1. As per UPPS No.04.04.53, Honors and Benefits for Retired Faculty and Staff, a retiree's first year of membership in the Association is free.

2. In the event that the Executive Committee determines the need for annual dues, a majority vote of members will be required.



Section 1:  Amendments

Proposed amendments to the Constitution may be submitted to the Board at any meeting.  If approved by the Board, the proposed amendments shall be circulated to Association members and shall take effect if approved by a majority of those responding.


  Robert Gratz      

 Robert Gratz, RFSA President                                    

Josie Garrott

Josie Garrott, RFSA Constitution Revision Committee Chair

RFSA Constitution Revision Committee

Josie Garrott, Chair

Darlene Schmidt

Robert Gratz


Ratified by the RFSA member on April 7, 2008

Initial Board Review for Amendment April 9, 2012

Amendments approved by the RFSA Advisory Board on June 13, 2012, Amendments approved by the RFSA Advisory Board on March 6, 2013, Amendments approved by the RFSA Advisory Board on December 10, 2014

Amendments approved by the RFSA Advisory Board on Sept. 11, 2019                

Amendments approved by the RFSA Advisory Board on Nov. 10, 2021