past five RFSA Presidents

Past five RFSA presidents

Marianne Reese, Margaret Dunn, Marian Loep, John (Ed) Burckhardt, Darlene Schmidt. (From left to right in the order they served)

  • The Retired Faculty and Staff Association Advisory Board will be initially composed of members of the original Organizing Committee and the Executive Committee.
  • The RFSA Advisory Board will meet monthly and will provide general guidance to the Executive Committee.
  • New members will be added to the Advisory Board upon election by the majority of the Board members voting at a regular meeting.
  • Advisory Board members missing three consecutive meetings without acceptable cause may be asked to vacate their position on the Board. The Association’s remaining Advisory Board members may fill the vacated positions either by general election or by appointment by the President.
  • Each year, a member of the Executive Committee will contact the Texas State University Human Resources office to determine if the materials given to retirees on behalf of the RFSA are up to date.


The Retired Faculty and Staff Association is led by an advisory board of retired faculty and staff members.

The first Board was composed of the members of the Organizing Committee (the original ad hoc committee of 12 that established the RFSA in 2006-2008).

The five annually elected officers, plus the immediate past president, serve on the Board and are collectively referred to as the Executive Committee.  

  • Officer positions are President, Vice President (also serves as Historian), Secretary, Treasurer, and Ombudsperson. 
  • Officers may serve in the same position for three consecutive years.
  • The Advisory Board handles all business and concerns related to members of RFSA.
  • Subsequently, Board membership has increased through Board invitations to serve.


A retiring member of the Advisory Board, in recognition of valued contributions, may be nominated by the Executive Committee and approved by the Advisory Committee, as an Honorary Advisory Board Member.


2022 RFSA Officers

2022 RFSA Officers


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