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PMWC Team Photos

Primary Math World Contest

Four students with top scores on the Mathworks Math contest are chosen to participate in the Primary Math World Competition in Hong Kong, China. At the PMWC, top students from around the world compete in high level mathematics. 


2022 PMWC Team


2021 PMWC - Cancelled due to COVID-19


2020 PMWC Team Announcement
2020 PMWC Team Announced
 - Team Members
Katherine Liu, Jessie Wang, Sophia Zhang, Aiden Wen
- Cancelled due to Covid-19

PMWC 22nd Competition

2019 PMWC Team with Trophys

2019 Team (left to right): Keri Jaworski, Deputy Team Leader, Eric Peng, Christopher Qiu, Anne Christiono, Tina Li, Hiroko Warshauer, Team Leader

Awards: Po Leung Kuk Cup for the top non-Asian team; Co-Champion of the Red Division with a perfect team score; and 2nd runner up in the Individual Competition

PMWC 21st Competition


2018 Team (left to right): Hannah Guan, Jasmine Wang, Edward Y Xiong, and Dylan Yu

Awards: Co-champions of the Po Leung Kuk Cup with Memorable Participation and group Merit recognition. 

PMWC 20th Competition 

2017 PMWC Team

2017 Team (left to right): Front row- Stephanie Wang, Rich Wang, Andrew Jiang, and Isabella Quan. Back row- Hiroko Warshauer and Dawn Blackwell

Awards: Po Leung Cup Champion, 2nd Runner-Up Overall, Group Prize Merit, Honorable Participation


PMWC 19th Competition

PMWC '16

2016 Team (left to right): Andrew Cai, Pierce Lai, Amy Zhou, Michelle Wang

Awards: Team Prize Champions, Group Prize Champions, and Po Leung Cup Champions!


PMWC 18th Competition

2015 Team

2015 Team (left to right): Bella Xu, Edward Lu, Benjamin Wright, Radha Malhotra

Awards: Po Leung Cup Champions and Team Prize Champions!


PMWC 17th Competition

2014 Team

2014 Team (left to right): Claire Zhou, Hannah Liu, Vincent Huang, Jonathan Shoemaker

Awards: Po Leung Cup Champions and Group Prize Champions!


PMWC 16th Competition

2013 PWMC  team

2013 Team (left to right): Vinjai Vale, Shreya Thipireddy, Linda Yu, Alex Liu

Awards: Overall Performance Champions, Team Competition Champions, and Po Leung Cup Champions!


PMWC 15th Competition

2012 Team

2012 Team (left to right): Gina Chen, Vivian Liu, Stephen Price, Daniel Whatley

Awards: Team Competition Champions!


PMWC 14th Competition

2011 Team

2011 Team (left to right): Lilian Zhan, Lazar Ilic, Alexander Yang, Sunny Tian  

Awards: Po Leung Cup Champions!


PMWC 13th Competition

2010 Team

2010 Team (left to right): Vincent Liu, Alexander Whatley, Michael Ma, Victor Zhou  


PMWC 12th Competition

2008 Team

2008 Team (left to right): Bobby Shen, Alexandra Ilic, Enoch Tsai, Lilly Shen

Awards: Po Leung Cup Champions and Overall Performance Champions!


PMWC 11th Competition

2007 Team

2007 Team (back to front): Catherine Liu, Kevin Tian, Bobby Shen, Alexandra Ilic

Awards: Team Competition Champions and Po Leung Cup Champions!


PMWC 10th Competition

2006 Team: Jeffrey Chan, Kevin Chen, Millie Shi, Sallyann Zhou

Awards: Po Leung Cup Champions and Team Competition Champions!


PMWC 9th Competition: 2005


PMWC 8th Competition: 2004

Awards: Po Leung Kuk Cup Champions!


PMWC 7th Competition

2004 Team

2003 Team (left to right): Eileen Martin, Stephanie Chan, Pranay Kothari, Jeffrey Chen'

Awards: Po Leung Kuk Cup Champions!


PMWC 6th Competition

2002 Team

2002 Team (left to right): Katy Gonzales, Anna Malagon, Edward Schmerling, Samson Zhou

Awards: Po Leung Kuk Cup Champions!


PMWC 5th Competition

2001 Team

 2001 Team (left to right): Yan Zou, Robert MacNguyen, Alyssa Ibarra, Jennifer Schmerling

Awards: Po Leung Kuk Cup- 1st Runner Up and Team Competition- 1st Runner Up!