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COPPA Privacy Statement

Committed to Safety

To comply with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to protect the rights of children as defined in the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), Mathworks at Texas State University (Mathworks) is providing privacy information for your review.  For more information on Texas State University’s general information gathering and dissemination practices, please read our privacy policy at

Parent/Guardian Consent

Program registration systems, using the Texas State GATO website management system, we collect information from parents and legal guardians who choose to register their child in the programs that target participants who are under the age of 13. We require parental/legal guardian consent to certify that Mathworks has permission to collect/save the personally identifiable. Mathworks will not collect/save data from children under the age of 13 without the express consent of the child’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s). You may grant consent by providing the following:

  • a signed statement of consent specific to the program or activity that will involve your child. COPPA CONSENT FORM

Notice to Parents/Guardians

Mathworks statement describes our practices for collecting, using, and disclosing personal information from and about children under the age of 13. If you have any questions about the policies or statement, please contact our office at

Notice to Children

If you are under age 13 and you wish to participate in an event at, conducted by Mathworks, your parent or guardian must register you and provide their consent as well as your information. Please ask your parent or guardian to fill out your online registration form or any other forms requesting your information.

Reviewing Information

To review any information about your child, please contact the program director or the department offering the program. If you do not want Mathworks to release any information about you or your child or if you wish to have your information or that of your child removed from our database, please notify Mathworks in writing of your request. If you are unable to contact the office, please visit the Technology Resources Services at

Revoking Consent and Deleting Information

At any time, a parent or guardian may revoke consent and direct us to delete your child’s information from our online data storage. If you revoke your consent, your child may not be able to participate in an event; please check with the program director for more information. If you ask us to delete your child's information, Mathworks will not use it for any purpose except where required by applicable laws or regulations. To revoke consent, you must contact the office at

Information We Collect

Mathworks collects two types of information at our site: personally identifiable information and non-personally identifiable information. 

  • Personally identifiable information includes first and last name, street address, phone numbers, email addresses, date of birth, medical information.
  • Non-personally identifiable information includes sex, the name of the school the student attends, and grade in school.

How We Use the Information

We use the information about your child to register your child for an event at Mathworks and to ensure appropriate content and safety for participants. Program staff uses this information for educational and residential program payment processing and to send parents and program participants information about additional program opportunities. Non-personally identifiable information that we collect might be used for research and marketing purposes.

Mathworks does not share or distribute any personally identifiable information about participants or their families with external organizations.  Mathworks may disclose the personal information we collect in order to comply with the law, a judicial proceeding, court order, subpoena, or other legal process.

We reserve the right to modify the terms of this policy to meet customer concerns and changes in the law. Updates to our privacy statements will be posted online and are effective immediately upon posting.  

What Online Applications Will We Use

Below is a list of third-party computer applications and web-based services that will require student information in order to have functional access.

Texas State GATO - application intake forms for classroom lectures and study groups

Canvas for Classroom assignments and grading