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Half-Day Junior Summer Math Camp (Grades 3 - 8)

San Marcos CISD students that would like to ride the bus must apply by May 18, 2024

Half-Day Friends Photo Collage Learning made fun

2021 JSMC - Brown Middle School

2019 JSMC


  • "This program helped me understand rules that I followed...I liked this experience because I just didn't learn the rules, I understood why."
  • “It changed my perspective towards math. I used to hate math because it was my worst subject...Now I actually enjoy math.”
  • Instead of learning the answer, I have learned why that answer is the answer. I was never sure why you got that answer for a problem but now I do.”
  • The Math Camp is so much different from class work. [In the math camp] they give us challenging problems so we can show our skills and learn from our mistakes…. It was fun at the summer math camp because in the classroom the work was done by ourselves.”
  • Coming up with our own tips and little tricks to find the answer to a problem was a little different. I'm really used to having someone find or do things for me.... I have learned to be responsible and to succeed with my own tricks.”
  • Math Camp was actually fun instead of the usual ‘boring!’ math experiences. Now I'll have a head start.”
  • The difference from this camp and sixth grade is that in school we concentrate on different things at a time, and in math camp we concentrate on one thing and learn a lot more on that topic than in school, and we have more time to actually demonstrate it and in class we can't.”
  • I really appreciate this program because it helps me think more. Before I got into this program, in math problems I just wrote the answer. Now I think about it.”
  • This program is really different because it made me understand the why. Sometimes I did so many things in math, but I just didn't know why I was doing that problem.”
  • I learned that math is not boring. It's fun if you like it and get into it. I think I'm better in math than I was before I came.”
  • I used to think that algebra was hard, but after coming here, I now think it is easy.”
  • Before I came here to Math Camp I was flunking, but now with what I have learned I know I will go on and learn more and also succeed.”
  • This program has been different from other math experiences because sometimes I don't catch on just by writing. I have to draw the pictures, and that's what we did. Everybody did an awesome job, and I am looking forward to next year!”
  • I have learned a lot of things, like algebra…. I am 10 years old. I am passing to fifth grade. I am in ELP. I love doing math.”
  • I liked how Miss [R] pushed us to our limit and even more.”