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Testimonials about the JSMCR

  • This math camp has affected me very positively, and I hope to come back next year. I have learned many things from this camp and have improved greatly. This camp differs from other experiences I have had because it is more intense and has students working for longer hours than most other camps. This camp also teaches more advanced concepts compared to most other middle school math camps. The counselors here are also very friendly and interactive. They are also super chill while also being super smart and helpful. This camp was a very unique experience and I can't wait to come back next year!
  • While I did have an interest in math, and an eagerness to learn and improve, my interest and knowledge related to problem solving was minimal. I tend to prefer to work in collaborative environments which is sometimes difficult at school. I really enjoyed this camp, and increased my interest in math (especially problem solving strategies), and I definitely learned a lot more due to the amazing collaborative and cultivating environment. I really appreciate the stress this camp puts on this not being competitive, but also the stress on how to get to the answer, and not just the answer. This camp differed from other camps in terms of the collaborative environment and more one-on-one attention that addressed your specific questions. My personal goals are to use the strategies I learned in math camp to help me with my future science fair projects to improve them.
  • Math camp has taught me many things about math while also challenging me. Unlike, the school I attend. Not only that, but I feel like this camp also increased my ability to communicate with people that are different than me. I particularly liked this camp because it actually made math fun unlike other camps that just told us the formulas and how to use them, without giving us any explanation as to "why" they work, thus, making them less interesting.
  • This camp had a strong effect on me overall. Before this camp, I was decent at math. Now, I feel like I am much better and more comfortable with math problems. I also know how to approach problems and am more persistent and strategic in solving them. Now when I see challenging problems, I don't shy away from them like I used to. Instead, I spend more time thinking about an intelligent way to tackle the problem. This change happened because I was taught how to deal with difficulties more than a bunch of theorems and formulas. However, I did learn a lot about math. I think this camp definitely improved me in many ways, and I would absolutely do it again next year if given the chance.