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2020-Harman-Sooch Foundation Donates to Mathworks Math Camp

Mathworks is excited to announce that they have received a grant of $49,000 from the Harman-Sooch Foundation to support the Mathworks Junior Summer Math Camp (JSMC) and Mathworks Honors Summer Math Camp (HSMC). This donation will provide scholarships for students with financial need, helping to ensure that all students can attend the program regardless of their financial background. Mathworks summer programs reached:

  • 142 middle school and high school students to provide a fun and challenging environment to share mathematics,
  • 12 Professional Development Teacher participants who worked to develop new curriculum methods and products for the camps, 
  • 6 graduate students who working on research projects under the Math PhD program,
  • 38 counselors who work with a a group of 4 students in study group settings and mentor the students during class time,
  • 9 faculty mentors who worked with high-school students on research projects
  • 13 faculty members teaching or working with students, graduate students, and in-service teachers.  

About Mathworks
Mathworks is a center for innovation in mathematics education at Texas State University with core programs of Summer Math Camps, Teacher Training, and Curriculum Development. The Mathworks Junior Summer Math Camp and Honors Summer Math Camp for high school students are nationally recognized as two of the premier programs in the country.  For more information about the camps, and other Mathworks programs, visit