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Previous PMWC Tests

 Below are tests from the Primary Math World Contest held in Hong Kong each summer.

These are different from the tests in the Mathworks Math Contest (MMC).


1stIndividual (PDF, 119 KB)
1stTeam (PDF, 101 KB)
2ndIndividual (PDF, 159 KB)
2ndTeam (PDF, 89 KB)
3rdIndividual (PDF, 86 KB)
3rdTeam (PDF, 94 KB)
4thIndividual (PDF, 303 KB)
4thTeam (PDF, 411 KB)
5thIndividual (PDF, 289 KB)
5thTeam (PDF, 507 KB)
6thIndividual (PDF, 408 KB)
6thTeam (PDF, 515 KB)
7thIndividual (PDF, 148 KB)
7thTeam (PDF, 127 KB)
8thIndividual (PDF, 116 KB)
8thTeam (PDF, 220 KB)
9th individual (PDF, 115 KB)
9thGroup (PDF, 127 KB)
PMWCTeamTest06 (PDF, 813 KB)
pmwc-problems (DOC, 261 KB)
PMWC Team Test 2010 (PDF, 125 KB)
2011_pmwc_team_test (PDF, 365 KB)
2012_PMWC_team (PDF, 84 KB)
2014 PMWC_ (PDF, 102 KB)
Team_eng (PDF, 42 KB)
Indiviual_eng (PDF, 49 KB)

Selected PMWC Test Answers

PMWC2004TeamAnswers (PDF, 172 KB)
pmwc2014-i (PDF, 36 KB)
pmwc2014-t (PDF, 44 KB)