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Chemistry & Biochemistry Stockroom

"So what does the stockroom actually do?"

Well, we’re responsible for a lot more than making students cover their ankles. We receive all chemicals that come into the chemistry department, prep all chemicals for the teaching labs, monitor safety in labs, and store all lab glassware. We also handle hazardous waste from the teaching and research labs, clean up chemical spills, and so much more. We are essentially the mitochondria of the Chemistry department, but we strive to be the Chi-fil-A of the Chemistry Department.

  • To participate in labs, at a minimum you must have a shirt that covers your shoulders, pants that go down past your ankles, closed-toe shoes, and safety goggles. These are based on national guidelines from the CDC and ASC.

  • Lost and found is located in the main office in Chem 238. You can also check with the University Police Department's lost and found.

Contact Us!

Carlos Baca, Stockroom Manager
Chem 250