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Student Registration Assistance

Registration Assistance

This form is for students having registration issues and for requesting overrides for Chemistry and Biochemistry courses.

  • Do not use this form for closed class overrides
  • Review prerequisites in the course description before submitting this request. There are some sections that are reserved or restricted for certain groups.
  • If you are a transient student for the summer only, you must provide prerequisite verification (upload unofficial transcript).
  • If you are a non-degree seeking student, you must provide prerequisite verification (upload unofficial transcript if you did not take the prerequisite courses at Texas State) and attach the completed Non-Degree Seeking Student Form. If you don't yet have an official A# you can enter A99999999 to submit the form.
  • CHEM 4299: You must have prior approval from a research instructor to take this course.
  • You will be notified if you have been granted an override. Once you have been given notification, you will then have to go into catsweb and register yourself. We do not register for you, we simply grant the override.
Student Name
Student Email - Non-degree seeking students enter primary email address
Student admission status *
Semester *
Check the course you are trying to register for *
You must upload email approval from the instructor
Type of Error Received (select all that apply) *
You must have approval from the instructor prior to filling out this form

If you have more than one document to submit, combine them into one file.