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Lab Fees

How to Avoid Lab Fee Charges

Students are financially responsible for the items in their assigned bin. Only use the bin/station that is assigned to you and do not let anyone else use your assigned bin.

If you decide to drop a class that you are in, and you want to drop the lab as well, you must drop both the lecture and the lab separately. If you drop a course, you will not automatically be dropped from the corresponding lab. You must also still checkout from your assigned locker if you decide to drop a lab.

It is the student's responsibility to thoroughly inspect that their bin contains the items listed. If any items are dirty or missing, immediately take the bin to the stockroom to receive a replacement. Any items not noticed or replaced at the beginning of lab will be your own financial responsibility.

  • Clean your glassware. Remember, the glassware soap is special detergent that does NOT lather (make bubbles). Even though there are no bubbles, the soap is still working!
  • Test tubes and graduated cylinders take a little more care to dry. All items must be completely dry before returning to the bin. Any liquid left in the bin will be treated as a hazardous chemical. For this reason, any bins with remaining liquid will be considered "dirty" and you will be accessed a fee. Allow enough time at the end of the experiment to properly clean and dry all of the bin items. Some items, like test tubes, may need to be washed several times.
  • Remove markings from the glassware using acetone of ethanol on a paper towel before returning the item to the bin.
  • No extra items should be put in the bin. No pipets, paper towels, chemicals, etc.
  • All items should be clean and ready for the next person.