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NMR Facility


Bruker Avance 400 NMR Spectrometer

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry NMR facility is located in room 337 of the Chemistry building.  Housed inside is a Bruker Avance 400 NMR which was purchased in 2011 with funds from a NSF CRIF:MU grant (CHE-0946998), and it has been in continuous service since providing the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry with reliable, routine access to state-of-the-art NMR capabilities.

The Bruker Avance 400 NMR is equipped with a dual channel broadband probe capable of performing routine proton and carbon NMR analyses as well as a variety of proton decoupled heteronuclear NMR experiments.  The system also features the Windows-based TopSpin software package which provides novice users with a simple point-and-click interface as well as automatic gradient shimming of the Z-axis and automatic probe tuning when performing heteronuclear experiments.  This user friendly interface coupled with the 16-sample Sample Express Lite carousel allows for increased efficiency when running multiple samples. 

Advanced features of the Bruker Avance 400 include the ability to run variable temperature (VT) experiments, and preloaded pulse programs allow advanced users to perform a variety of 2-dimensional NMR experiemnts on a wide range of nuclei.