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Work Request Form for Faculty and Staff

Please fill out the following form if you need to make a request from the office.

Reimbursements: Always use the Tax Exempt Form when making a purchase that you want to get reimbursed for. When taking a seminar speaker to lunch or dinner, please present the form and let them know that you are tax exempt. If alcohol is to be purchased (reimbursement subject to availability of funds) at a restaurant with dinner, please ask for this to be in a separate itemized receipt. (Itemized receipts are required for everything). Please also include a list of faculty and students who attended, to include yourself and the speaker.

We are allowed to tip up to 20% of the subtotal, anything above that will not get reimbursed.

Please turn in the receipts as soon as possible after the purchase.

What do you need? *
If this is not REU/PREM business then choose department. This request may be routed accordingly.