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Dr. Christopher D. Wight


Christopher Wight

Office: CHEM 301


Fax: (512) 245-1436



  • Raulerson, E. K., Cadena, D. M., Jabed, M. A., Wight, C. D., Lee, I., Wagner, H. R., … Roberts, S. T. (2022). Using Spectator Ligands to Enhance Nanocrystal-to-Molecule Electron Transfer. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 13(6), 1416–1423.
  • Dahlhauser, S. D., Wight, C. D., Moor, S. R., Scanga, R. A., Ngo, P., York, J. T., … Anslyn, E. V. (2022). Molecular Encryption and Steganography Using Mixtures of Simultaneously Sequenced, Sequence-Defined Oligourethanes. ACS Central Science, 8(8), 1125–1133.
  • Wight, C. D., Xiao, Q., Wagner, H. R., Hernandez, E. A., Lynch, V. M., & Iverson, B. L. (2020). Mechanistic Analysis of Solid-State Colorimetric Switching: Monoalkoxynaphthalene-Naphthalimide Donor–Acceptor Dyads. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 142(41), 17630–17643.