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Dr. Kelly Lancaster


Dr. Cynthia Luxford

Contact Information


Educational Background

  • B.S. in Chemistry, North Carolina State University (Raleigh, NC) 2003

  • M.S. in Physical Chemistry, Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, GA) 2005

  • Ph.D. in Computational Chemistry, Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, GA) 2009
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, PhET Interactive Simulations, University of Colorado Boulder (Boulder, CO) 2009-2012

Honors and Awards

  • American Chemical Society Chemical Computing Group Excellence Award, 2009 
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Teaching Fellow in K-12 Education, 2004-2005
Areas of Interest

Engaging all students in science using accessible and interactive digital learning tools. 



Recent Publications and Talks

Lancaster, K., Brockmann, D. Using machine learning to enable voice & gesture interactions in educational web applications, Accessing Higher Ground Conference 2020

Lancaster, K., Moore, E.B., Parson, R, Perkins, K.K. Insights from Using PhET's Design Principles for Interactive Chemistry Simulations, Pedagogic Roles of Animations and Simulations in Chemistry Courses, Chapter 5, 2013, 97-126, ACS Symposium Series, Volume 1142

Chamberlain, J.M., Lancaster, K., Parson, R., Perkins, K.K. How guidance affects student engagement with an interactive simulation, Chemistry Education Research and Practice 2014, 15, 628-638

Lancaster, K., Odom, S.A., Jones, S.C., Thayumanavan, S., Marder, S.R., Bredas, J.-L., Coropceanu, V., Barlow, S. Intramolecular Electron-Transfer Rates in Mixed-Valence Triarylamines: Measurement by Variable-Temperature ESR Spectroscopy and Comparison with Optical Data, Journal of the American Chemical Society 2009, 131, 5, 1717-1723

Odom, S.A., Lancaster, K., Beverina, L., Lefler, K.M., Thompson, N.J., Coropceanu, V., Bredas, J.-L., Marder, S.R., Barlow, S. Bis[bis-(4-alkoxyphenyl)amino] Derivatives of Dithienylethene, Bithiophene, Dithienothiophene and Dithienopyrrole: Palladium-Catalysed Synthesis and Highly Delocalised Radical Cations, Chemistry - A European Journal 2007, 13, 9637-9646