Identification Requirements

Requirements For All Testing Programs

The TEMC will follow the identification requirements of the test sponsor.  Most require examinees to present photo identification (driver's license, military ID, student ID, passport, or other government agency-issued ID). The ID must be a physical ID card and not one displayed on a cell phone.

Theme park IDs, club membership IDs, social security cards, birth certificates, temporary driver's licenses without photos, credit cards with or without photos, and other "flea market" type IDs are not considered acceptable forms of identification. Pictures or copies of ID cards are also not accepted. When the test sponsor does not have specific identification requirements, such as a proctored class exam, the Texas State Mobile app identification card may be accepted. 

Review your confirmation email for the identification requirements for your exam. PearsonVUE, CLEP, TCEQ, and THEA-IBT have specific requirements. Visit PearsonVUE ID Requirements, CLEP ID Requirements, TCEQ ID Requirements, and THEA-IBT ID Requirements for more information.