Our Mission

The Testing, Evaluation, and Measurement Center (TEMC) is dedicated to supporting students, faculty, and the local community with testing and evaluation related needs in the following ways:


We help reduce barriers for Texas State University students as they persist toward a timely graduation by

  • providing a secure and comfortable testing environment
  • providing a variety of tests that satisfy requirements for program admission, placement, and credit
  • ensuring that the TEMC complies with the American with Disabilities Act (1990) by providing academic testing accommodations for classroom and standardized assessments as deemed appropriate by the university‚Äôs Office of Disability Services


We strive to provide faculty with information that can be used to make informed decisions about exam/course content and in their research by

  • generating output data for multiple choice exams, faculty evaluations, and surveys that support student assessment, instructional improvement, learning outcomes, and research
  • ensuring that we provide accurate, timely, and secure output reports

The Community

We support our local community by offering testing services to those who are not Texas State students seeking to advance their higher education and career goals.