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Operating Hours

Testing Center, Round Rock Hours

Student at door to testing center

The beautiful and inviting Testing Center, Round Rock (TCRR) offers 20 testing stations and proctoring services for a wide range of tests in a secure testing environment.

Please be aware that computer technology is still imperfect, and occasionally technical difficulties may cause delays in any part of the process. Therefore, if your test has a deadline, you should take it early to allow for scores to be received when required. The Testing Center strives to ensure that tests are administered and reported accurately, securely, and in as timely a manner as possible, but we cannot be responsible for your deadlines.

For the dates that we are closed or have changes to our hours of operation, please go to our important dates page.

Operating Hours

The Testing Center, Round Rock, TCRR, is open Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The TCRR operates exclusively by appointment. Exam appointments are offered at 8:30 AM, 10:30 AM, 12:30 PM, and 1:30 PM. All exams must end by 30 minutes prior to closing.

Texas State students with an approved accommodation through the Office of Disability Services may request an early morning or early evening appointment for any TXST in-class exam or quiz. All appointment requests for this service must be made at least 14 business days prior to the testing date and be approved by TCRR and your instructor. Early morning exams may be requested Monday-Friday starting at 7:00AM. Early evening exams may be requested Monday – Thursday and must end by 6:30 PM. Contact TCRR directly to make an early morning or early evening appointment.

Please wear a mask while you are in the Testing Center. Masks are available at Check-In.

Latest Start Times

Name of Exam Time Limit Latest Start Time - Includes Check-in. All Exams End at 4:30pm
ACTFL-OPI 30 minutes 12:30 PM
CBE: CIS 1323 First Attempt 75 minutes 1:30 PM
CBE: CIS 1323 Second Attempt 2.5 hours 1:30 PM
CBE: CS 1428 2 hours 1:30 PM
CBE: FCD 1351 1.5 hours 1:30 PM
CBE: FCD 3355 1 hours 1:30 PM
CBE: HIM 2360 1 hours 1:30 PM
CBE: NUTR 3362 1.5 hours 1:30 PM
CBE: TECH 4383 3 hours 1:30 PM

CLEP – all but College Composition and Modern Languages

College Composition and Modern Languages

1.5 hours

2 hours

1:30 PM

1:30 PM

NOCTI 3 hours 1:30 PM
TCEQ: 2 HR or 3HR 2 hours or 3 hours 1:30 PM
TCEQ: 4 HR 4 hours 12:30 PM
TCEQ: 6 HR 6 hours 10:30 AM
TCEQ: Same Day Retesting Only for 2, 3, or 4 HR Exams 4-8 hours As Space & Time Permit
TEAS 3.5 hours 12:30 PM
TSIA2/ACCUPLACER-all sections untimed

Both Sections (estimation)

Math Only (estimation)

ELAR Only (estimation)


4-5 hours

1-2 hours

2-3 hours


10:30 AM

1:30 PM

12:30 PM