Professional Project

What is a Professional Project?

The objective of the one-semester professional project is for students to develop an interdisciplinary applied project and/or policy analysis that focuses on how to make an organization, group, and/or agency more sustainable. 

The specific nature of the project will vary depending on the mentor, committee, and students’ career goals. 

Some examples of professional projects include:

  • Developing and implementing a plan for a university to set up recycling bins at stadiums
  • Developing and implementing a plan for an airport to set up recycling bins
  • Organizing a community event related to sustainability
  • Organizing a workshop or workshops for concerned citizens or leaders in the community
  • Working with a city council to propose a ban on Styrofoam
  • Developing a new and innovative way to create items (e.g. furniture) from sustainable products
  • Helping an organization or business to become more sustainable
  • Completing an internship that is related to sustainability with a business, agency, or non-profit organization