DEGREE PLANS (MA or MS, thesis or professional project)

All students are required to complete the following:

  • SUST 5301, SUST Seminar (offered in fall only)
  • PHIL 5323, Environmental Ethics (offered in fall and most spring semesters)
  • 3-hour Methods Course
  • 3-hour elective, Policy, Law, Leadership, and Society
  • 3-hour elective, Science and the Environment
  • In addition to required courses, students take FREE ELECTIVES.  Free electives allow you to choose courses that are focused on your career goals. Any course listed as options for methods, policy electives, and/or science electives can be a free elective. However, you can also select courses that are helpful for your career in any department as long as non-majors are permitted to take those graduate courses. If you are interested in soil and composting, for example, you should take more BIO and AG courses as free electives. Interested in policy? Then take more PA and SOCI courses for free electives.
  • There are differences in the professional project and thesis track culminating courses and number of free electives
    • Professional project track (MA and MS): SUST 5398, Professional Project; 18 hours (typically 6 classes) of free electives
    • Thesis track (MA and MS): SUST 5399A and 5399B: Thesis A and B; 15 hours (typically 5 classes) of free electives

Please contact if you have any questions!